Ivory Care 2016
It’s another year for celebrating Deepavali which is a traditional and uniquely cultured festival celebrated by all Hindus. Also known as Diwali, this is a festival which spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness and good over evil, hence the ‘Festival of Lights’ term.

This round we were back again with creating the Rangoli, a traditional form of Indian art. We were having a six-foot Rangoli motif with peacock design, placed at the Ivory Sales Gallery’s centre court with different coloured rice provided in containers. This gave Ivorians the opportunity and convenience to try their hand at completing the Rangoli before work or during lunchtime.

Fellow Ivorians portrayed joy and teamwork while they concentrated on filling in the pattern with the rice. They cooperated with one another and displayed a mix of patience and enthusiasm, all the while trying to keep the rice within the lines.

Ivorycares would like to thank fellow Ivorians for their contributions in making the beautiful Rangoli and embracing the spirit of Deepavali. Also wishing all Hindus a very Happy Deepavali!